Hardy Family History
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1 According to Elma Hardy, James' mother, Jane Baty died during his birth.
Hardy, James (I154)
2 Alfred was born in 1878 and so daddy must have died between 1877 and the census in 1881, where Maria is shows to be a widow. Family F123
3 Annie Beattie (Baty), sister in Law, was staying at his house at the time of the 1881 census. HARDY, John (I037)
4 Fathers:
Matthew Smith: Metal Broker
George Ryland: Tube Maker 
Family F097
5 In the 1891 census shown as working at the Harrington iron Works as a Clerk.
Probably named after his Grandfather who died the year he was born.  
HARDY, Thomas (I014)
6 Info from IGI Familysearch.org. COWAN, Jane (I360)
7 Jane was a Lower Loom Weaver BATY, Jane (I148)
8 Last Name could be Stevenson or Stephenson.
She was born in Herefordshire. 
WIFE, Second (I038)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HARDY, David (I072)
10 Mother Maria shown as a widow in the 1881 census.  BERRY, Alfred (I197)
11 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HARDY, Ian (I073)
12 Received from the West Midlands Police Museum today .....

William Samuel Verrill Joined 1st February 1902 Married
Warrant Number 7150 Ex Fitter/Turner
PC `E'

1 June 1902 Promoter to the 4th class from 1 May 1902
I Samuel Verrill Having this day been appointed a Constable in this
Police Force of this City of Birmingham hereby certify that I will not
claim service towards pension until I attain the age of 21 years.

1 May 1903 Promoted to 3rd class PC

13 May 1903 Awarded a gratuity of a guinea for special services
at a fire. Mary Street and allowed to retain half of 20/- sent to him
by Mr. Evans (? The householder).

27 July 1903 Promoted to 4th class PC at 27/- a week.

6 Feb 1905 Promoted to 3rd class PC at 28/- a week.

3 June 1905 Transferred to the C Division from 6 June 1905.

Now PC `C' 33

31 Jan 1907 Promoted to 2nd class PC at 29/- a week.

28 Jan 1909 Promoted to 1st class PC at 30/- a week.

24 Nov 1909 Awarded a gratuity of a guinea and complemented in Police
Orders for courageous conduct in stopping a runaway horse.

25 April 1910 Reported by Inspector George Lomas for being drunk on his
night duty beat at 1.30am Sunday 27 March 1910. Also complained of by
Mr. Smith, Lodging House Keeper, 16, Lower Loveday Street for highly
improper conduct. Suspended 27.3.1910 and reinstated 1.4.1910. Two
days leave stopped and cautioned.

5 Dec 1910 Reported by PS Edward Row for drinking in the Rowbuck Beer
House, Ludgate Hill whilst on duty at 10.15pm Monday 14 November 1910.
Cautioned (severe).

30 July 1911 Returned unfit for further service. 
VERRILL, William Samual (I173)
13 Ruby, wife of brother Frank killed in second world war, remarried many years after losing frank to Frank's best friend Tom Stewart. She is now in an elderly people's home at Calderwaite
The Banks
Seascale Cumbria CA20 1QP
Family F035
14 Sadler guess from the sons middle name. Sadler, Hannah (I394)
15 Shown on Mary Ann Smith's Marriage Certificate to be a Tube Maker. Living at Lady Wood Lane Birmingham in 1869.. Family
16 Slaymaker of Shaddongate. DAVISON, Thomas (I342)
17 Was a comedian/Actor - confirmed as occupation in the 1881 census. Gain, Jonathan (I396)
18 Was a Pattern Maker at Harrington Steel Works. HARDY, John (I037)