Hardy Family History
 Incl. Verrill, Berry and Kerton

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Top 30 largest localities (total places):

England (28)
Australia (16)
Cumberland (15)
Cumbria (5)
Scotland (4)
Birmingham (3)
Somerset (3)
Sussex (2)
Wales (2)
Cumberland. (2)
Western Australia (2)
London (2)
Local tax collector in Leigh on Mendip
Birmingham. (1)
Local Man?
lived Keys Brow Harrington
Northern Ireland (1)
not gaitsgill. (1)
near Bath (1)
near Chester (1)
Jimmy lives in Cockermouth
Jane was a Lower Loom Weaver
Husbandsman of Lanercost at time of marriage (1872)
North Wales (1)
Scotland. (1)
was son of Essie and brought up as his sister
Auatralia (1)
Was coachman at Armathwaite Hall.
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